ACMA Muscle Training Interview

7/25/2014 5:13:48 PM

The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) interviewed Gordon Brown, President of Tsunami Bar®, regarding how he utilized fiberglass composite materials in the design of the Tsunami Bar®.

Motocross Training Testimonial

7/18/2014 12:47:42 PM

Michael C. Daley utilizes the Tsunami Bar® LIGHT to train Kyle Bitterman, a professional motocross motorcycle racer who's ranked in the top 40 in the U.S., to better prepare him for motocross racing on the toughest tracks in the country.

The Tsunami Bar® at the Apex Games

6/2/2014 5:00:15 PM

The Tsunami Bar® was successfully used in one of the events at the 2014 Apex Games. The males used a Level 3 Bar with the total weight at 85 lbs and the females used a Level 1 Bar with the total weight at 50 lbs.

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