Advantages using a Tsunami Bar:

Bar oscillates making stabilizing muscles much more active.
Can vary the force generated by the bar by the speed of
the movement.

How to perform the Jammer with a Tsunami Bar:


By performing the Jammer with a Tsunami Bar® one has the ability to lift with a flexible bar that can simulate that of an athlete’s drive phase position.  With the Tsunami Bar®’s fat grip and flexible characteristics suspended from a power rack, by EZ straps, it allows an unparalleled resistance not only to the drive phase but also when the athlete comes to balance at the end of the lift and must accommodate for the oscillation of the Tsunami Bar®.  This puts a huge demand on the shoulder girdle and hip girdle muscle groups and stabilizers while stimulating the sensory receptors around the muscle attachments.  Benefits include stabilization in the drive phase which allows the athlete to get linear or vertical quicker, also, the acceleration and deceleration benefits that are demanded from a modern day athlete.   Another key benefit is the fat grip of the bar that develops grip strength along with grip placement to develop multiple leverage angles on the muscles and joint structures of the wrist, elbow and shoulder girdle.  This conditions the muscles and the joints to work together which enhances the performance of the lifter. 


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