Advantages using a Tsunami Bar:

Bar oscillates making stabilizing muscles much more active.
Can vary the force generated by the bar by the speed of
the movement.

How to perform the Power Clean with a Tsunami Bar:


The power clean is the best lift for power and explosiveness. Squat down and grasp the Tsunami Bar® with a close, pronated grip (palms facing down). Your hands should be outside of shoulder width apart and your elbows fully extended. Make sure your back is flat or slightly arched, your chest held up and out and your shoulder blades are retracted. Lift the bar by forcefully extending the hips and the knees keeping it as close to the shins as possible. Note that your shoulders should ride before your hips. As the bar passes your knees, thrust your hips forward and slightly bend your knees. Forcefully extend your hips and knees and stand on your toes. When your hip, knee and ankle joints are fully extended, shrug the shoulders upward rapidly without letting the elbows flex yet. As your shoulders reach their highest point in the shoulder shrug, flex your elbows to begin pulling your body under the bar and continue to pull the arms as high and as long as possible. As the bar reaches near maximum height, pull your body under the bar while rotating your arms around and under the bar. Flex your hips and knees together into a quarter squat position. Your elbows should be lifted in a parallel position with the ground. Stand erect with the bar resting on your clavicles and deltoids. Lower the bar in a controlled motion by gradually reducing the muscular tension of the arms. Your hips, knees and ankles must be in a flexed position to cushion the impact of the bar on the thighs. Squat down with your elbows fully extended to bring the bar back to the floor.



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