The Tsunami Bar® can increase power and strength and take your lifting to a new level.

Two of the main lifts power lifters train for are the bench and back squat. They train one session for force (maximal weight) and one session for speed (submaximal). The Tsunami Bar® can be used for both types of training and there are improved benefits over the use of a steel bar.


Bench Press

In force training a maximal weight is used and the bar is lowered and raised at a relatively slow pace. The lifter will wait for the weights to bottom-out in order to allow the muscles to take the maximum load. While the lifter is waiting for the ends of the Tsunami Bar® to bottom-out the ancillary supporting muscles will be activated and conditioned as the lifter must control the oscillation of the bar. The greatest benefit comes in speed training with the Tsunami Bar®. In speed training a submaximal weight is used and the bar is lowered and raised at a much faster pace than with force training. Using a Tsunami Bar® the force-velocity relationship will be greater than with a steel bar, and an increase in the amplitude and oscillatory factors will stimulate to a higher level the neuromuscular system and increase the firing (contraction speed) of the muscle. Speed training with the Tsunami Bar® has a very important benefit. By reversing the movement of the eccentric phase (downward movement) before the weights bottom-out the total force that is generated can be much greater than the static weight of the bar and weight plates because there is dynamic force genarated by the movement of the weight plates at the end of the bar. The faster the pace the more dynamic weight adds to the total force (see Force Chart for more detail). This allows force approaching or even surpassing maximal weight to be applied for a very short period during this change into the concentric phase. The lifter is still training for speed but getting maximal weight benefits.



Back Squat

Many of the same benefits described above also pertain to the squat. Another advantage of using the Tsunami Bar® is that it bends in the center and load is transferred more to the sagittal planes of the body instead of the spinal column which decreases stress on the vertebrae with the loads transferred to the large shoulder muscles and the ankle, knee and hip joints which reduces the risk of spinal injury