Advantages using a Tsunami Bar:


Bar oscillates making stabilizing muscles much more active.
Can vary the force generated by the bar by the speed of
the movement.

How to perform the Standing Push/Pull "Lineman Drill" with a Tsunami Bar:


By performing the standing push/pull "lineman drill" exercise with a Tsunami Bar®, one has the ability to move with a flexible bar that can simulate that of an athlete (such as an offensive or defensive lineman).  The forces that are generated doing this exercise create an energy that pushes and pulls against the athlete that is hard to match.  The athlete will develop tremendous balance and coordination from the exercise that puts great demands on the athlete’s anterior and posterior chain.  As the Tsunami Bar® sits inside the cuffs of the elbow joints, the athlete will get in a solid athletic position that will enable them to handle the forces that are created in the movement.  As the athlete holds the thumbs together  and squeezes the shoulder blades together, they will perform a reverse shrug as they shuffle their feet from front to back and side to side to get the stabilization stimulus that will prepare them to stay on their feet in an athletic battle, in which two athletes collide. 


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