Michael C. Daley - ISSA Master Trainer and Sergeant Major, United States Marine Corps (Retired)


As a Master Trainer, certified by the International Sports Sciences Association, and a retired Marine Corps Sergeant Major, I have never seen a fitness device that not only tests every aspect of the muscle group being worked, it also tests the mind!  The Tsunami Bar® intensifies the workout to such a high degree, there is no choice but to fully open and engage the mind in order to handle the intensity levels it creates. I utilize the Tsunami Bar® LIGHT to train Kyle Bitterman, a professional motocross motorcycle racer, ranked in the top 40 in the United States, to better prepare him for the rigors of motocross racing on the toughest tracks in the country. Not only has his muscular strength and endurance improved drastically, his cardiovascular performance has improved as well! One dynamic workout with the Tsunami Bar® will have even the best at their trade, tested in new ways, and leave them convinced of its effectiveness!



Tony Caterisano PhD FACSM

I have been involved in exercise science research for over 30 years, with a particular interest in testing new training systems. In early 2012, I tried the flexible composite Tsunami Bar® and was intrigued by the way it moved, and knew it was worthy of further investigation. So, I assembled a research team, which included a professor of biomechanics and a professor of mathematics, and we studied and analyzed the Tsunami Bar®. Through the use of a high speed camera system, force plate, and electromyography (EMG) analysis, we gathered data on the static and dynamic characteristics of the bar. We also integrated the EMG data, to develop a mathematical model of the forces generated by the bar during oscillation, and how it correlated to muscle activity. (Read More)


Joe DeFranco DeFranco - DeFranco’s Training Systems, LLC

I used the bar enough (with enough different athletes) to give some feedback. Here’s how I used it thus far…

Dynamic Bench Presses: I really like the bar for dynamic benches. I had my guys reverse the weight before it touched their chest when performing these. These were tremendous for developing reversal strength…the contraction during the concentric and eccentric were like nothing I’ve ever felt. By reversing the weight before it touches your chest, you can’t “ride” the bounce on the way up. You’re basically pressing the bar up as the weights are still going down, and then you have to initiate the eccentric by “pulling” the bar down as the weights are still moving upward.

The day after performing these, everyone (including myself) reported being more sore than usual…the cool thing was that it was 100% muscular soreness without the joint pain that’s usually associated with dynamic barbell lifts. (Read More)


Chris Balentine - Strength Coach Muscle Shoals High School

Coach Chris Balentine, the Defensive Coordinator/Strength Coach for Muscle Shoals High School in Muscle Shoals, Alabama, talked with us about the Tsunami Bar® and answered some of our questions.  Coach Balentine first saw the Tsunami Bar when Carl Middleton, a Sales Representative for Total Strength and Speed, came to the school to discuss the construction of their new weight room.  Coach Balentine was “skeptical at first” but Carl let them demo the bar which resulted in the school purchasing 14 Tsunami Bars®!  They have a combination of Tsunami LIGHT Bars®, Level 1 Tsunami Bars® and Level 3 Tsunami Bars® customized with the school’s logo. 

Coach Balentine incorporates around 14 different lifts with the Tsunami Bar® such as the bench press, squat, power clean, snatch, jerk press, jammer, and several others.  He can attribute the overall strength gains he has seen in his athletes to using the Tsunami Bar®.  Areas that he has seen the most gains are power cleans and squats.  Every athlete has gone up at least 10 pounds within 4 months.  Coach Balentine uses the Tsunami Bar® for both male and female athletes ranging from grade 8 through 12.

When asked if he would recommend the Tsunami Bar®, Coach Balentine said yes.  He said, “If you’re looking for a way to take your strength program to another level it (the Tsunami Bar®) gives you such another mode of training. I would recommend it to anyone whether it’s for male or female athletes.”


Will Lucas

 Being the strength coach in a high school, at times the challenge has been finding ways to motivate the players to lift. We bought 2 Tsunami Bars® and once we got those in, the kids have been highly motivated to lift with them. The different lifts that we can do with the Tsunami Bars® are excellent. We have been using the Tsunami Bars® for about 4 weeks and already are seeing results. We have one player whose bench press max has jumped 55 pounds. The players have bought into working out with the Tsunami Bars® and the motivation to work out with them has increased significantly. We are going to be maxing out the week of November 12-16, 2012, and the players are eagerly awaiting to see what their individual results will be.

Aaron Cottingham - Westside High School's Strength and Conditioning Coach and Assistant Football Coach

"During our entire football schedule for 2015-2016, we did not have a player miss a single game due to injury. I am convincee that the training of our athletes using the Tsunami Bar® flexible barbell contributed in a major way to this result. And specifically, we know that training using a Tsunami Bar® results in 3 times more stabilizer muscle activation than training using a traditional steel barbell. This feature allows the ankle, knee, hip and shoulder joints to be better protected as athletes take 'hits' in playing football."