The Tsunami Bar® represents a breakthrough in exercise science allowing the strength and conditioning coach to train their athletes and bring them to advanced levels of power, speed and agility.  The Tsunami Bar® Specialist Certification course consists of 5 instructional videos plus a 50 question multiple choice test.  Viewing these videos will educate one to more effectively train athletes plus prepare one to take the test to become a Certified Tsunami Bar® Specialist.  The Tsunami Bar® flexible composite barbell behaves differently from a rigid steel Olympic barbell but it can be used for all standard Olympic lifts plus additional lifts.  The material covered in these videos will enable you to:

1) understand the light weight composite materials used to manufacture the Tsunami Bar® and especially their flexibility

2) review the science/theory/research behind the Tsunami Bar® and why it can allow you to do a better job of training your athletes for power, speed and agility plus

3) hear from David Abernethy, a Master Strength and Conditioning coach, who will tell you how he has integrated the Tsunami Bar® into his Training program

The Part I video of the Training program covers the Design and Manufacture of the Tsunami Bar® (19 min.). Some basic information regarding ‘composite materials’ is helpful to understanding the ‘flexible nature’ of this barbell.

The Part II video consists of 3 videos by Tony Caterisano, PhD. FACSM, CSCS*D - Professor of Exercise Science, Furman University, Greenville, SC.

The Part II A video covers Basic Concepts of developing Athleticism (18 min.).

The Part II B video covers How the Tsunami Bar® works (12 min.).

The Part II C video covers Research Findings supporting the validity of using the Tsunami Bar® as a mode of training for athleticism (13 min.).

The Part III video covers practical application of the Tsunami Bar® and How a Master Strength and Conditioning coach uses the Tsunami Bar® to enhance the power, speed and agility of his athletes (37 min.).

Once a person has reviewed all Parts of the Training Program, they may want to become a Certified Tsunami Bar® Specialist.  There is an administrative fee for a person to take this test and to review the Part II C video which presents the research findings that substantiates the Performance Enhancements of Training with the Tsunami Bar®.  Tsunami Bar, LLC wants all people to have the benefit to learn the foundational aspects of training and using the Tsunami Bar® and feels that allowing everyone the opportunity to view (at no charge) 4 of the 5 videos accomplishes this goal. But we also feel that demonstrating one’s understanding of the contents of the videos including viewing the 5th video, which discusses the research findings, by taking and passing a 50 questions test is an excellent way to recognize the new knowledge that one has gained.

CEU’s (Continuing Education Units): Your Tsunami Bar® Specialist Certification may make you eligible for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) through some certifying organizations. Shortly after we notify you that you have successfully passed the ‘test’, a PDF copy of your Certificate will be emailed to you along with a current list of certifying organizations for you to request your CEU’s. The PDF copy of your Certificate should be sufficient proof of your successfully completing this Specialist Certification course.


Part I “The Design and Manufacture of the Tsunami Bar®”: 


Part II “The Science and Theory:  Why the Tsunami Bar® is an effective mode of Power Development”:  in 3 parts (A, B, and C).

       Part II A: "Basic Concepts of developing Athleticism"


       Part II B: "How the Tsunami Bar® works"


       Part II C: "Research findings that substantiate the Performance Enhancements of Training with the Tsunami Bar®" (Purchase the certification test in order to view this video)

Part III “The Application of the Tsunami Bar® by a Master Strength and Conditioning coach - How to Properly Use the Tsunami Bar®” 


TEST - If you would like to 1) view the Part II C video and 2) take the test to become a ‘Certified Tsunami Bar® Specialist’:  Click on the photo below. Also, be sure to view the beautiful 'Challenge Coin' (pictured below) that will be sent to you along with your certificate when you pass the test.



Current List of Certified Tsunami Bar® Specialists


Other Training Clinics are conducted throughout the year with schedules/information available here. See below.