Here are some really good videos showing the Tsunami Bars® in action. Some are from customers who purchased Tsunami Bar® products. Submit your video and if we post it on this site you will receive a free Tsunami Bar® Tee Shirt. Send us a link to the video at


Dartmouth Football

Dartmouth Football showing how to use the Tsunami Bar® as a jammer exercise. Bar moves in multiple planes and oscillates mimicking real sports performance. 



Tsunami Bar®

Video showing a lighter side of Tsunami Bar® use. Shot with the help of Kristin Nunn, Damien LeRoy and Ken Hicks.



Muscle Shoals High School 

Coach Balentine at Muscle Shoals High School has been getting incredible results using the Tsunami Bar® for all Olympic Lifts.


Lexington High School

Lexington High School trains daily with Tsunami Bars®.


Spud Inc.

Great video showing why stabalizer muscles must be engaged. Watch the first rep as it catches the lifter off guard. He recovers nicely to finish out the reps.