Board of Advisors


Tsunami Bar® is assembling an impressive list of advisors from many disciplines to help test and evaluate our products. Everyone on this list uses the products and provides valuable feedback from their use of the bars.


Dedrick Clark

United States Marine Corps Iraq veteran with 20+ years of competitive and performance training experience. Currently the owner and operator of Beast Built Athletics LLC and Beast Speed Academy, which specializes in athletic performance enhancement and speed skills. Still competing as a world class USA Masters Track & Field athlete, he is a World & American Record holder, World Masters Championship Silver Medalist, World Regional 400m Champion and also a National Champion sprinter. Dedrick is also known as a serious motivator with the passion for training athletes to succeed at all levels.


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With over twenty years in the strength and conditioning industry, Guy Massi is an internationally recognized speaker/presenter and the Director of Operations, Athletic & Curricular Development for Massi-Machado Strength & Conditioning, LLC. He is the creator of the HyperNova© Athletic Development & Functional Fitness System©, which includes the curriculums of Cyclic Oscillatory Power Progressions© (C.O.P.P.) and Biomechanical Reactivity Training© (B.R.T.). Recognized for his expertise in the nuances associated with biomechanics, oscillation, amplitude, speed, stability and specialized motor learning and unit recruitment training, Tsunami Bar has asked Coach Massi onto its advisory board in a testing and programmatic development capacity. He is currently providing lead oversight in testing the products within the fitness, athletic development, sports performance, physical rehabilitation and movement restoration environments with his business associate Craig Machado, as well as his network associates Matt Cascioli, PT of Haven Physical Therapy and Dr. Gus Sofos of Sofos Chiropractic & Wellness. (All of which are NY based businesses)
In a recent interview with Coach Massi, he stated, “I’ve been employing biomechanical reactivity, oscillation, amplitude, speed and stability training with my clients and athletes for over twenty years through the use of very elaborate, costly and restrictive kettlebell, band and progressive resistance set ups and riggings. I was often limited in complete and intended usage for safety reasons, yet still maintained the need for a product that would assist to achieve the additional speeds necessary for maximal acceleration and deceleration parameters required for inter and intramuscular development and coordination. With the advent of Tsunami Bar products, they have entered most, if not all of my developmental protocols. They have freed me to progress my work with Biomechanical Reactivity Training©, oscillation, amplitude, speed and stability training, and elevated motor unit recruitment protocols, while providing me with a less time consuming, yet more dynamic platform by which to train my clients and athletes. I have been able to reinvent my phases of training to be more inclusive in considering Rate of Force Development, Maximal Force, Force Endurance and the avoidance of Force Dissipation. Additionally, the products have afforded me a new means by to enhance my work throughout the various frames of movement. I only enjoin myself with projects that I am confident will complement the objectives of a healthy strength and conditioning industry. My intention is to work closely with Tsunami Bar in providing honest and accurate feedback, while assisting to provide my opinions as to the most effective means for trainers and strength coaches to infuse Tsunami Bar products into programming and achieve maximal efficacy. The learning curve is nominal, yet the results are profound. Additionally, the group behind Tsunami bar are industry leading professionals who provide and possess a legitimate degree of peer accountability. The Tsunami Bar group demonstrates immense industry character and integrity in their agreement with my assessment that; Tsunami Bar products may not necessarily be the end-all-be-all for fitness, rehab and athletic development, however it is a revolutionary, multi-dimensional platform that cannot be ignored and is most definitely an integral, invaluable and necessary part thereof that will prove to be of paramount importance in expediting development on all levels. Tsunami bar has quite literally become the go to, revolutionary, progressive tool of choice.”
Coach Massi is currently using Tsunami Bar products in developing athletes and fitness clients of all levels, as well as performing return-to-play programs for athletes, youth thru professional. Tsunami Bar plans to continue seeking the advice of Coach Massi in the further development, training and utilization of products, as well his contributing to the development and composition of Tsunami Bar training and developmental protocols. He currently has the first Tsunami Bar International Training & Education Headquarters located within his New York facilities.


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Ken Taylor

From USC Sport Specific Strength + Conditioning Director across all sports - volleyball, track & field, golf, tennis, football, swimming and beyond, to Titlest Performance Institute (TPI) Certified Trainer, Ken Taylor’s professional trajectory is as broad and powerful as his personal conditioning spectrum. Ken achieved 15 1st place bodybuilding titles before becoming a scratch golfer. He does not just talk the talk, he walks and burns and pumps and spins and stretches it every day. What has followed has been a glorious series of achievements earned through proper training, education, nutrition, effort and commitment above all. There is nothing Ken asks of his clients that he has not done himself. His passion for fitness and training has taken him around the world and placed him on the champion’s podium in American Karate, Body Building, Weight Lifting, and most recently Golf as a TPI Certified Instructor and 12-time SC Golf Association champion. His expertise, matched by his clients’ commitment, have placed them in the winner’s circles across the NFL, NBA, SEC, MLB, PGA, LPGA all the way up to the Olympic level. Having been a collegiate strength coach Ken brings a unique perspective to the advisory board.


Credentials + Titles

Tsunami Bar® Sports, Chief Biomechanist

Founder, Power Golf Sport Specific Elite Conditioning

Titleist Performance Institute Certified Trainer

Bodybuilding Champion, Top 5 Mr. USA, Mr. South Carolina 1984, Mr. Collegiate USA + 13 additional titles

Power Lifting + Olympic-style training for 9 years

University of South Carolina (USC) Sport Specific Strength + Conditioning Director

Exercise Science, USC (1990)

Physical Education Certification for Adaptive Children, Special Needs, USC (1990)

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 Annemarie Alf - Founder/Performance Physical Therapist at Olympus Movement and Mobility, Waterskier, CrossFit® Athlete, Triathlete

 Annemarie is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. She was the first American Physical Therapist to work with any Chinese Olympic Team at the Olympic Games. As the Performance Physical Therapist to the Men's and Women's Chinese Olympic Gymnastics Team she attended the 2012 London Olympic Games and provided daily evaluation and treatment of all gymnastics athletes.

 In April 2014, Annemarie founded Olympus Movement and Mobility; and was recently named to the Advisory Board for the Korean Coach Association for Strength and Conditioning.  Currently based in San Francisco, CA she continues as a Physio and Mobility Specialist and has partnered with UPRise Performance Training Camps, Foundry Performance and SFPT.  She continues to work with Region 1 USA Gymnastics on injury prevention and performance enhancement as well as Medical Coverage for Invitational and Regional Championship meets. Annemarie, an athlete herself, is a National Champion Waterski Jumper, CrossFit® athlete, and recently finished her first Ironman 70.3.

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 George Bryan III - Professional Golf Instructor

Graduate of The University of South Carolina, PGA Member, Teaching Professional, Owner of George Bryan Golf Academy, Played in 2 US Amateurs, 2004 MCI Heritage, 1999 PGA Championship. Husband of Valerie Bryan and Father of Mary Chandler Bryan, Wesley Bryan and George Bryan IV - Website - Follow George on - Facebook - Twitter





 Kristen Nunn - IFBB Pro Figure Competitor and Personal Trainer

As an athlete at heart Kristin has competed in many different avenues from swimming to CrossFit®, from archery to the figure stage. As an IFBB Pro Kristin has numerous top 5 places. Her future goals include competing in the Olympia and helping to spread the word about the benefits of weight training. Follow Kristin on -  Facebook  -  Twitter   -  Instagram