Science Behind The Product

The Tsunami Bar® has been invovled in multiple studies and several papers have been written on the findings.


Tony Caterisano PhD., FACSM, CSCS*D

    The following Abstract was delivered at the May 27-29, 2014 American College of Sports Medicine Annual meeting:

  • A comparison of the Olympic Barbell to Tsunami Barbell® Force Production: Man versus Machine

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   Studied the following and the results were published in the May 2013 edition of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise Vol.45, No.5.

  • Comparison of Applied Forces between Flexible Tsunami Barbell® and Olympic Barbell during Bench Press
  • Comparison Of Muscle Activity Between The Tsunami Barbell® And An Olympic Barbell
  • Improved Functional Power Over A 5-Week Period: Comparison of Traditional Training to Tsunami Barbell® Training

    For abstracts of the above papers Click Here.

Explanation as to why the Tsunami Bar works

“An athlete that is trained in the correct use of the flexible Tsunami Barbell® is able to maximize the impulse forces for only a short period of time at critical points in a lift by properly timing their concentric contractions against the acceleration of the oscillating flexible barbell. This stimulates strength development by recruiting maximal motor units similar to lifting a 1RM and enhances speed of muscle contraction once the bar changes direction, thereby allowing the athlete to minimize their Explosive Strength Deficit (ESD) and achieve optimum Power ( Explosive Strength = The Ability to Exert Force Quickly). These results are achievable with the Tsunami Barbell® using submaximal weights, moving weights at maximal speeds, stimulating stabilizer muscles and accelerating through the end of the lift. The coach can determine which joint angle corresponds to specific athletic movements and instruct the athlete in when to apply the opposing force to the downward flex of the bar.” by Tony Caterisano, PhD, FACSM, CSCS*D


Dynamic Force Chart





This chart compares the dynamic force genarated by a Tsunami Bar® with a total weight of 195 lbs compared to a steel bar with a total weight of 195 lbs. Both bars were moved at 1.73 feet per second and a up and down stroke of 12". The Tsunami Bar® generated 748 lbs of force compared to only 298 lbs for the steel bar.




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The Tsunami Bar® is HUGE in Power Development. See how in the video below.


TSUNAMI BAR® ‘EXPLOSIVE STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT’ RESEARCH REPORT: A major reason to train using a Tsunami Bar® is to develop Explosive Strength which is POWER. Tsunami Bar® 101 is a video report on the highlights of an extensive Research study conducted at Furman University in 2016 using a variable speed test machine where 7 different Tsunami Bars® were loaded with lighter weights and moved at bar speeds ranging from very slow to very fast. Explosive Strength is developed when heavy weights are moved fast and these videos show how to load your Tsunami Bar® using lighter weights and moving these bars at moderate to fast bar speeds to generate the heavy weight equivalent that is necessary to build Explosive Strength.